"My waifu is a rock" is a platformer-puzzle-shooter where a milk-filled toast meets the last she-rock remaining on earth. They mutually fall in love and decide to pursue their journey together through the different dangers of the garden. 

Throw your rock to open doors, activate platforms and kill your enemies, but don't forget ! You own only one rock and you can't leave her behind.

If you are thrilled to play a shooter game with only one projectile, it's time to give "My waifu is a Rock" a try !

Theme: Only one (GMTK Jam 2019 Submission)

A, D: move left/right
SPACE: jump
Double SPACE + Direction: dash
Left click: throw rock



  • Engine: Godot 3.1
  • Graphics: Krita

We made all the graphic and audio assets present in the game
exepting the music. The music is royalty free and can be found

The project is open sources. Sources can be found here


My waifu is a rock for Windows 12 MB
My waifu is a rock for Linux 13 MB
My waifu is a rock for MacOS 15 MB

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